One of the Best in The West


Roger Day is a story teller based in Wiltshire, who can tell a story for you!

Contact him┬ávia email –


Any play can be transformed into an individual piece for your school.

Some have chosen the Tempest,others Romeo and Juliet or A Mid Summers night Dream.But here we are working on The Scottish Play!

What will you choose? Anything is possible.




Stories,Dragons and Fire!
Waking the Knights of old.stories of Princesses and Golden caskets.





Fetes,Story Telling and a special event in Kew Gardens next to the Minka House and Bamboo garden the Tanabata festival for the Japanese Embassy
Shoho Teramoto Writes the story of the Weaver Princess and the Cow-heard and I tell the tale, over 200 people come to listen and watch over the two days.
The other exciting event is a wedding Ceremony for two friends who have had a registry office marriage and want a story telling event complete with blessing and hand fasting.An old Celtic ceremony.It is held in a magical Barn
In Marden Wiltshire.Would be very happy to do this for others





River Bank Tales.

A happy time,telling stories of the river and it’s environs in Bradford on Avon Wiltshire,assisted by Tea room waitresses and a member of the Tourist Board.Questions about the flood abounded.




A joyous day working for the Wiltshire Blind Association re-telling the story of poor Peters terrible morning amongst the cabbages and parsley.Plus an Easter egg Hunt.


World War One.

Here children and Fred a veteran of the Trenches,think and talk of the horrors of war.A wonderful week with pupils from year one to year six
Who asked Fred many important questions about his life and times.
The week ended with a huge ceremony with poppies cascading from the roof and the laying of wreaths.
You can read the press reports by going to the following link.



A very busy week working with over 600 children.
Stories from around the world,Shakespeare workshops and an evening telling for Familes.And an amazing day working as a Giant for a whole school project based on Jack and the Bean Stalk.




Here working with staff from a Swindon school on a World War One project!It will culminate in a two day workshop involving the whole school on meeting a survivor and hearing his stories from the trenches.



Doing the Tudors?The old King is near the end of his life and during the day,pupils can hear all about each of his wives,he is now living with good Mistress Parr his last wife and they are on there way to Bristol,with Edward,Mary and Elisabeth to receive a gift of Blue Glass.
Children can take part in a great painting competition to out do Hans Holbein and enjoy dancing with the King(if his legs are up to it!)